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About Amani

Amani application is a digital platform for managing, tracking and protecting domestic and international trade transactions between SME’s simplifying trade finances. Amani’s application links parties i.e buyer, seller Amani and the counterparty’s bank. The application registers the active trade process from order to payment when all contractual agreements have been met. The platform is fully automated and available 24/7, so the order-to-payment process is much quicker than the traditional exchange of document. It also requires far less back office administration.

This will allow for an efficient due diligence process that can be performed by different SME’s as well investors in real time (and also having the startup share their audit or data privately with interested parties and thus digitizing the funding process of startups.)

Now, in the hyper-connected and ever evolving world, transparency is the new power

Written By : Benjamin Herzberg

The Founders

Joshua Ndolo

I am pursuing my Bachelor’s degree in Economics at the University of Windsor. I am very much interested in cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin and the technology behind them that is blockchain technology. I believe blockchain technology is one of the many transformative new technologies that will shape future financial services infrastructure. That is why I started Amani, a startup that aims to use blockchain technology to manage, track and protect domestic and international trade transactions between SME’s simplifying trade finances.

Nyiha Ngotho

Having recently completed my Bachelor's degree in Computer Information Systems, it was only natural for me to pursue a technology in my field. Blockchain was actually a concept that came to my attention when my colleague came to me about it, and like most people, my reception of it was very much uninviting. Though my curiosity led me to keep reading about it to see how it is slowly taking over technology as we know it. Within weeks, I was sold and it has been uphill from there with the start of Amani. This has truly changed my life.

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